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Rules for the Monthly Contest Board
by Lance Griffin: Revised 2015

1. For 2015 we will continue to use all 4 boards (Land, Water, Relics and Display/Bottles/Misc) with some modification.

2. With regards to “Display”, only items found by the hunter will count towards that month’s contest and thus towards earning points for “Hunter of the Year”. Items included in a display do not have to be found during that month, but still must be found at some point by the hunter. Examples would be a Barber Dime display where all the coins were found over the course of a particular time frame or a ring display where all were found at a specific location. You are welcome to display interesting items that you purchased or acquired, but they are NOT eligible to be voted on.

3. All items submitted to the board MUST be found either within the last month or, in the case that a monthly board is skipped for whatever reason, since the last month that a board was available. The only exception to this rule is a “display” entry.

4. The sub categories on each of the 4 boards have been simplified to make the voting process more user friendly. Board specific ballots will be available for each of the 4 boards along with the “find of the month” and “leg of gold” vote. Please be sure to use the correct ballot for each vote that you place.

5. Monthly prize winners will consist of a 1st place for each board and win a silver dime. The find of the month will be awarded a silver quarter

6. Point system for determining the “Hunter of the Year” will be awarded as follows:

A. 1st place on each board = 4 points
B. 2nd place on each board = 2 points
C. 3rd place on each board = 1 point
E. Find of the month = 8 points

7. Members present at each meeting are eligible to vote on each of the 4 boards along with the “find of the month” and “leg of gold” ballot. Be sure to place a vote in all 6 ballot boxes!

8. The “Leg of Gold” prize rules will remain the same….the 1st first member in good standing who’s name gets picked 3 times will receive a 1/10 oz gold coin.

9. Members in good standing who cannot attend a meeting(s) due to work schedule, child care, etc. are still eligible to enter their finds for the month via another member, but they are not eligible to do a proxy vote(s).