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Baltimore City and County Metal Detecting Permit Instructions

Baltimore City

What you need:
1. Print and fill out the permit application below. You do not have to enter your Social Security number.

2. Obtain a $25 money order payable to "Director of Finance."

3. Club stamp and signature on the application.

4. Then bring it to:

5) Bring or mail the application to:
Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks
Permit Office
3201 Boston St
Baltimore, MD 21224. (one story building on the water - knock if door is locked)
Phone: 410-396-7070.
The office is closed Thursday - Open Mon, Tues, Wed and Friday 9am-4pm.

The office is closed Thursdays Open Mon, Tues, Wed and Friday 9-4, but the permit office seems to open around 9:30 AM. It is best to walk into the building to get your permit. Often it is issued the same day. Snail mail is really slow.

Note on the older green permanent permit card without an expiration date: The lack of expiration date does not mean the permit is good forever and there is no "grandfather clause" that allows a liftime deferal.

Proof of yearly renewal, such as a receipt, must be carried while metal detecting in city parks. You do not need this receipt if your permit card has an expiraton date on it.

Baltimore City permit application and instructions

Print, fill out, get the club stamp and signature then mail or bring to the above address with your $25.00 money order. Some of the local metal detecting club information on the appllication and rules pages are dated and possibly not correct. To find club contacts, type the name of the club into your favorite search engine for the latest information.


Baltimore County

Baltimore County permit and Instructions (PDF format, 2 pages)

Good for 90 days.
No charge (also does not require a club certification)
Must be signed by Recreation and Parks Representative
Go to any Baltimore County Recreation and Parks office for the signature.

State Park Rules - NO DETECTING -

     Please contact your local County Council by (preferably) letter, email, or in person. Try to convince them that clad coins and trash are not illegal archaeological artifacts. Explain digging techniques. Also argue that future development will bury or redistribute these so-called "archaeological artifacts" forever. Be polite.